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Q. who is eligible to join the ski club?


A. All current and retired employees of any of the family of FedEx companies worldwide. That includes the newest member, TNT.


Q. What does it cost to join the club?


A. There is currently no cost to join the club. We review that policy every fall for the coming season.  Dues for most airline ski clubs run around $30.00 per year.


Q. How do I join the FedEx ski Club?


A. Fill out the new member registration form here on the website.  All the information we collect is for club, ski week, or racing registration. You also need to go to and preregister for the ski weeks. You need to create an online account with NAASF to attend any NAASF ski weeks 


Q. What do I need to do to go on a ski week?


A. For NAASF ski weeks you need to register for the ski week you plan to attend at, using the online account you have already created at You should also let the FedEx team captain for NAASF know which ski week(s) you are planning on attending.  For the IASF ski week, you need to contact the FedEx team captain for IASF to register for the ski week.  


Q. What type of discounts does the club get?


A. Ski week discounts include lodging(at participating locations) and lift tickets in the 50% range, Equipment rentals, ski school and lessons, participating retail locations in the 15-30% range.


Q. Do I have to race if I come on a ski week?


A. No.  You are always welcome to try your hand at racing. But if you just want to free ski the whole week Then ski the day away all over the mountain.


Q. What is NAASF?


A. The North American Airlines Ski Federation.  It is the organization that puts on the domestic ski weeks. There are three of them each season. All the major airlines of North America are members. FedEx is a member of NAASF.


Q. What is IASF?


A. The International Airlines Ski Federation. It is the organization that puts on the WASC(World Airline Ski championships) ski week. Most major airlines of the world and many regional airlines are members of the IASF. FedEx is a member of the IASF.


Q. What is the WASC?


A. The World Airline Ski Championships.  The WASC is held once a year somewhere in the world. A different location each year. The WASC has been held in Europe and North America multiple times. It has also been to Japan.  Alpine, Nordic, and Snowboard races are part of the WASC. There are indivudual and team championships competed for during the ski week.


How do I get information on a ski week I am interested in?


A. There are several ways. 1. Make sure you are registered with the ski club. That way you will be kept up to date on all ski week and any other club information. 2. As it becomes available, information will be posted on the club website, club Facebook page and the club twitter feed. 3. You could also check the NAASF or IASF websites or Facebook pages.


Q. Is there any club/team branded skiwear available. 


QYes, but with requirments for the vests and fleece pullovers. You must attend two ski weeks within four years. Once you attend your second ski week within that time period, you will be elegible to receive the skiwear. Club/team jackets are purchased by members, so there is no attendance requirement.  Let us know if you are intersted in purchasing a jacket.



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